Thursday, May 13

Feeding the Famished

A G-F Menu Plan for the Construction Crew

I'm feeding forty! Okay, not forty, but we're having an old fashioned barn raising (shed) this week and so the family have moved in. The brother, sister-in-law with their two babies and the nephew are already here (professionals) and the parents and in-laws, aunt and uncle come tomorrow.

So how does one plan a week's worth of meals for ravenous construction workers, two vegetarians, a diabetic, and three celiac's? It's gonna be a challenge! The key is enough diversity to keep everyone from starving.

Day One Menu: Enchiladas, salad, chipolte rice, and homemade granola.

Day Two Menu: omelets to order, wrap sandwiches, lasagna, garlic toast, corn, salad, bruchetta, and chocolate chip cookies.

Day Three: cereal, scrambled eggs, french toast, sandwiches, baked potato bar complete with homemade chili, bread sticks, and rhubarb crisp.

Day Four: Barbecue chicken, OK barbecue baked beans, Oklahoma cavier and tortilla chips, potato salad, hummus, peanut butter bars, carrot cake.

Day Five: Waffles and triple-berry syrup, ATE OUT FOR LUNCH!!! Jason's Deli has a book of allergens for all of their foods. Ask for it at the counter.

Day Six: Cereal for breakfast and leftovers for lunch and dinner!!!!

Day Seven: Today we're scrounging for food, I'm culinarily exhausted, but we might have Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner, right before GRADUATION for college bound boy YAY!!!


Dia D said...

On day four, are you eating bbq for breakfast? that is such an Oklahoma thing to do. :) You need to link the "sandwiches" and "lasagna" too. LOVE Dia

Terina said...

Day FIVE: Tripleberry waffles and hot skillet potatoes for breakfast. Five hours and five batches of waffles, but everyone's fed inbetween shingling the roof!