Tuesday, September 6

Oklahoma Style Baked Beans

Since posting this the first time, I have discovered the extra secret.

Burn the Beans!

Okay, not specifically burned, but on 425 for at least an hour (maybe two) without foil to cook off the excess moisture and really compact the delicious flavors.

DO NOT mistake a can of green chilis for a can of jalapinos! Make certain you get the right one!

This is truly one of the best recipes I've eaten this summer!

First Posted 10-19-09

I spent fall break -- three days wandering about the wilderness with 150 kids and 50 adults in the same vein as the original Handcart Trek made by pioneers along the Mormon Trail. It was exhausting, yet delicious.
It was my job to help prep cook each meal. We started before dawn and cleaned up after dark, and thank heaven! that we did not eat as the original pioneers on a cup of flour each day.

I made pancakes for our GF kids before the rush and could have made funnel cakes first too, but they were too stuffed by the other offerings.We feasted on egg burritos, burgers, sausage eggs, berry pancakes, fajitas, smoked pork, and antelope tacos.

I could go on and on about the menu, organized and executed by "The Legend," a chef extraordinaire. The man is a culinary giant who believes in serving hot for that many people--well, I felt like a reality member of "Heaven's Kitchen".

My job as prep cook is how I got his recipe for the best batch of baked beans I have ever eaten and unless he slipped a secret ingredient when I wasn't lookin', here it is.

  • Saute six slices of bacon til crispy. (Do Not Drain. This is what makes it exclusively Oklahoman) (I being a Utahn at heart, put in Hormel bacon already cooked into a couple tablespoons of olive oil)
  • Break bacon up and add a cup each of green peppers,
  • and diced onions, and a
  • link of smoked sausage chopped. (again, the health foodie in me used turkey sausage)
Fry this until crispy, then add
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar,
  • a cup of your favorite barbecue sauce and
  • a can of diced jalapeno peppers.
Stir until well blended then pour this mixture over
  • a can of drained pork and beans and
  • two cans drained, of baked beans. (Drain the VanKamps! Bush's both of which are GF)
  • Stir together.
Bake in a 9 x 13 pan, in the oven an hour at 425, uncovered until the top layer becomes crispy. Serve as a side with 24 hour slow-roasted smoked pork on buns with chips.

It's delicious. I promise.

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