Tuesday, October 5

My Gluten-Free Reality Bites

Sometimes a gluten-free reality bites.

Today, when my sister gets burned cause in Wyoming she can't find or afford to buy stinking doughnuts, and she has to make her own. Being GF Bites!

Today, when my focaccia bread doesn't raise and tastes like chewy cardboard triangle cut-outs, gluten free bites!

Today, when my soup is disgusting and I have to bake those stinking biscuits from the pop-out can for the rest of the family, and they turn out looking delectable, and I can't eat them, gluten-free bites!

Today, when I spend two hours wandering through a "regular" grocery store searching for gluten-free items with the handy-dandy g-f store label (dark brown), and I can't even get to fifty bucks to get the five-dollar off coupon, even if I buy xanthan gum, then living a gluten-free reality bites!

I'm pretty sure that tomorrow I'll wake up re-energized and reinvigorated and when I do, watch out

I'm biting back.

Thanks Mindy for calling me and telling me that there is no happiness in this world greater than waffles from my mix. You are the salt of the earth and the sugar that keeps me stuck to this keyboard, writing this blog. Next time, leave a comment--even just Yum will keep me attempting to turn this stuff called GF into real food.


trishtator said...

:( I've had days like that! I hope it gets better!

Mindeena said...

yOu are pretty wonderful. Even though I hold you partially responsible for my disease. It is nice to have someone to blame every once in a while!

Becca said...

So, I'm the lady you met at women's conference a few months ago. At the time, I felt like you were an answer to my prayers. Our discussion about Celiac disease prompted me to call both my dad and my best friend, who had been suffering with many of the same symptoms as myself. I encouraged them to look into a gluten free diet.

As it turns out, I am totally clear of Celiac disease. My health issues have taken a different path for me to follow. My friend, however, just got her results back from a GI doctor, and she tested overwhelmingly positive for Celiac disease. I am thrilled that she finally has an answer to months of discomfort.

She had a melt down while eating a final farewell slice of the most perfect pie she had ever created. And then I was able to point her to your blog. Yes, being gluten free really sucks at times. But your blog will be the perfect solution for my friend, who loves to bake and wants to live a healthy life.

As for my dad, he skipped the test and just went gluten free. His life is worlds better.

Through just one simple conversation you were able to help me change the lives of two of my favorite people. You are making a difference. Thanks for being dilligent!

Terina Dee said...

You guys are why I keep plodding onward.