Wednesday, May 27

GF Diet not friendly to gut bacteria

Nutritional news has a study about being on the GF diet and the connection to probiotics lacking in the gut.  Typically celiacs do eat more of a limited diet when we can't have wheat.  I wonder if that's the reason?  We must diversify!  Remember the call to arms!!!! There are only five flours we can't have and twenty-six we can!!!!

Oh, and be sure to take probiotic supplements and get lots of yogurt in our diet.


Dia D said...

ha HAAA! lots of yogurt?! obviously (for the first time) my body knew what it needed before you told it what it needed yeah, that sentence was going somewhere at one point in time...

Anydangway: I eat SO MUCH YOGURT! WOO HOO!

Dia D said...

OH! and for those of you who need to get more yogurt in your diet:

substitute it for cottage cheese and sour cream.
add as a side to thai, indian, mexican, basically anything spicy.
eat it for breakfast mixed with fruit and honey.
freeze it--just like ice cream! Spoon it into ice cube trays (preferably mini ones)and pop out later for a light but delectable faux-ice cream.


Terina said...

Hey, I wanna know if you really have frozen it? Does it really work for ice cream? Plain or flavored? T

Dia D said...

yes, i have frozen it; I would NEVER lie on the internet! teehee.

yeah, it actually is really tasty. Totally plain, I don't buy that flavo'd crap.