Tuesday, May 26

Raspberry Rhubarb Pudding

Another page in the Taste of Home Tweek.

Last night I made Rhubarb Rumble and tweeked it for GF/CF.  It was delicious and would make a lovely pie, (for those who can wait 'til it cools and sets to eat it.)  

3 cups rhubarb chopped and microwaved for 6 minutes (mine was frozen-worked great)
Stir in a small package of raspberry flavored powdered gelatin and cool (as long as you can wait.) 
Prepare one small package vanilla pudding mix  with 2 cups milk (almond milk works).  Cool.
Stir the two together and slurp, or cool 'til thick and pour into a GF/CF cookie cracker crust. Serve with whipped cream topping.

I will make it as originally intended in the Taste of Homes recipe book, page 168 (I'm skipping around) as it was sugar free!!!  This weekend when I'm hosting the fabulously healthy, albeit diabetic Mom-in-Law I'll use the original sugar-free jello and sugar-free vanilla pudding.

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