Thursday, May 21

Angie's Crispy Tuna Balls with Rice

Okay, I made the recipe from Angies Gluten Free Club for Tuna Balls with Rice and my guys were so excited to see a new recipe. (The old standards are really getting old.)

Rice, tuna, eggs, garlic, tomato paste, parmesan cheese, basil, salt, and wrap all this around a mozzarella cube, roll in flour, dip in egg and dredge in gf bread crumbs then fry.
This was one of the GF Club's emailed recipes and the men in the family thought it was yum, but I found I don't like tuna in tomato sauce and deep fat frying is not my favorite method of cooking. I couldn't tell when they were done and I kept burning the outsides. I just cannot stomach the possibility of raw tuna.
I know I should just think Sushi right? Okay, the recipe calls for tunafish from a can... but still... I can't wrap my brain around it!

Next time, I'll leave out the tomato paste and bake them instead--adding lots of butter and bread crumbs to make up for the deep-fat frying.

Keep watching. I'll let you know how my modifications turn out. Meanwhile, we still love Angie's daily GF insights! Thanks!

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