Thursday, October 30

Pulsing Healthy

"A pulse and grain combine in the body to form a whole protein."

After a short internet search, (okay, longer than I intended, but there was this site dedicated to soup poetry...) I see that Wikipedia defines a pulse as anything grown in a pod.

Daniel and the food-healthy guys of the Bible are eating pulse and kicking butt and my final argument is that pulses are in two of the categories in the FDA's food pyramid, so they must be healthy!

Ah, Ha! I'm doing it. I'm mixing grains and pulses in food! Anything I can do to pack in nutrients! Bean flour counts in baking, so here goes! I've added soy and garfava bean flour into many of my mixes and noticed no taste difference baked. (DON'T PLAN TO EAT IT RAW! YUCK!!)

See Oct 1, Resistant Starches as fiber article

"Resistant starches have application in a range of grain-based foods including breads, cakes and snack foods. They can be used as a direct replacement for 3 to 20% of the flour in a dry mix, depending on application.

Resistant starch’s low-water-holding capacity and very-fine particle size makes it easy to incorporate into dry mixes. Further, it is process tolerant. In some applications such as breads, cakes and pastries, resistant starch can improve crumb characteristics, and in sheeted baked snacks and crackers, as well as extruded snacks, it increases crispiness while reducing cracking and breakage.

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That article was so good. Resistant starches! Thanks Dia in UT