Thursday, October 30

Take Your Pulse!

Why in heaven's name would anyone add lentils to a perfectly good and delicious enchilada recipe? I think it's the rush of a challenge and the potential flush of success!

I spend hours deciphering the GF factor of corn tortillas, and sauce (Walmart's great value red sauce), and with that challenge bested, routine and rote become my enemies. I wither with the mundane so I change recipes up for excitement and that must be why I seek to complicate life with lentils!
Believe it or not cast iron taste buds guy (husband) and picky, picky, preteen (10 yr old) both consumed the meal with no added comment. I had to ask them (after it was over) what they thought of the lentils.

Still, no breakdown or gagging! It was a success!!!!

I just tossed a cup of cooked lentils in with the meat while it was browning, right before I added a splash of the sauce. I rolled that mixture with cheese into the tortillas and laid these next to each other in the pan then poured sauce over the top and added cheese.

Quick and Easy and Delicious and Healthy

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QUEEN TEAM D said...

Yum, i'm jealous!