Monday, May 8

GF 15 minutes Doughnuts ? ? ?


First posted 3-27-12

Delicious G-F Doughnut Holes

I've been on pinterest again... 16 pins sitting in my draft portion of my blog just waiting to be recipe modified or tested. STOP ME!

The most recent is the doughnut craze. I can tell that the craving has overwhelmed me when 4 of the 16... that's 4/16 or 1/4 for those of you homeschooling with me...
anyway, it's apparent that a disproportionate number of posts are about doughnuts, so it's time to bust out the deep fryer and hustle up a batch.

The other doughnut recipe I tried this month wasn't as good as I wished, even rice krispies can't salvage that recipe. So I was cautious about the 15-minute doughnut recipe that I pinned, because right at the start, the author admits that they aren't as good the second day.
We G-F'rs know that if normal food isn't good the second day, gluten-free food probably wouldn't be good the first day! So instead of using her recipe, I used my own. It was fast, and aside from the rise time, they really only took 15 minutes to mix up.

Take your favorite bread mix (I used my recipe for healthier featherlight bread modified from Bette Hagman's - Praise Be Her Name) and added two extra tablespoons sugar.

I've used Gluten-free Pantry's sandwich bread mix before and I think it would work well in this recipe too.

Mix up the bread mix using 1/4 cup less water. The dough will be scoopable, yet still soft and squishy. Scoop out balls (using a floured melon baller or cookie scoop) and place gently on rice-floured wax paper, rolling into soft balls.

Set aside to raise 15-20 minutes while the oil heats.

I used regular canola oil, heated to 350. (If it gets hotter, pull the plug--as too hot means doughy centers)

I dropped them bottoms down.  Then fried them til brown, they almost rolled over by themselves.  Drained them on papertowels, rolled in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar. Waited until cooeler to dip in a powdered sugar glaze.

And Then I Ate Every Single One - except for the ones that the youngest son got to first.

Delicious!  Make 40 doughnut holes.

Reality Bite: I did make the husband reserve one to see if they were as good today and when he ate it this morning, he affirmed that yes, second day, just as delicious!


G-F doughnut recipe that is fast and easy and cheap? The last week of vacation Mom and I fried g-f doughnuts.  We delivered a plate to the neighbors, who mistook them and the whole non-gf family gobbled  them up.  The GF friend got NOTHIN'.   MY POINT?  They loved them!  I had to send over g-f carrot cake to make up.  


Anonymous said...

this sounds wonderful as my husband loved his donuts before the gluten hit him. where did you get the Panrty's flour. I have not heard of it. I am in B.C.
Thanks for your ideas!!

Terina Dee said...

Dear BC

I have used Gluten-Free Pantry's bread mix for this, but I am almost certain that any gluten-free bread mix would work. (Is Kinnikinnick available close by?) I would add extra sugar to the dough and less liquid so that it is about the same consistency as above. Best of Luck and let me know how it goes.

Doughnuts are happiness.

Anonymous said...

Yum. how did you make the glaze??

Terina Dee said...

The glaze was the teen's job. He dumped powdered sugar in a bowl, and added water a little at a time. I've added vanilla or orange flavoring before and that's delicious. It did take him some time to figure out what "not too much" means, but his trial and error did result in more glaze and extra glaze means more doughnuts.

And so goes the unending cycle of doughnuts.

Albert H. said...

Great recipe! I think the best thing about GF is you have to make your own sweets and desserts. Not only are you eating less of it, it's homemade and also tastes better than the other junk!

Terina Dee said...

Albert, doesn't it taste so much better? I just got some hand-me-down g-f processed food and it's yuck!!!

Unfortunately, now I'm dreaming doughnuts and so here I go again. Don't know if it really makes me eat less?

Happy doughnuts! Thanks for the comment.

Lindy said...

You are after my heart again :) Can't wait to try these!

Dia Darcey said...

I'm trying these today! I don't really need a deep fryer, right? I can just put a couple inches of oil in a deep pot?