Saturday, March 14

Dining with Diverticuli

GF eating out? I just went to a scout recognition banquet. As dinner was being served, I perused the offering and recognized that the stuffed chicken was a big no. My waiter didn't listen when I asked for just a plate of plain vegetables. He brought me the vegetarian plate, (cheese tortillini). I could have just eaten the veggies, around the pasta, covered with questionable sauce, or just not eaten at all.

But I didn't. Instead I went stepped out there and once again offered up my digestive tract as the #1 topic of conversation. I am a delightful dinner guest. I can explain to a table full of people my "not an allergy, but an intolerance." I can adroitly field their questions and detail a polite description of what happens when I accidently...

Dr. Peter Green (Columbia University) says in a survey that Celiacs in America admit to cheating 80% of the time! (CIG Conference Oct 08) He was concerned as he knows better than most, the medical risks and ramifications. When we cheat we're dodging the darts of cancer, stomach, esophogeal, intestinal and non-hodgekins lymphoma, and autoimmune diseases and it won't be long before we are the bullseye.

We risk long-term permanent damage if we cheat. In America only 14% of us regain full villi growth as adults. Children do (because adults don't let them cheat!) That means most of us are risking all of the diseases from malnutrition.

Dr. Green says that in his opinion there are many reasons--lack of GF options and lack of information and education as to the dangers of CD. But, the doctor's foremost reason for cheating on the GF diet is that we American's socialize too much. Yup, We're partiers, and unlike the Europeans, at these parties, we eat! And these social situations are the most difficult times to abstain from dangerous foods.

So, what do you do? How do you handle it?

It's a bother, and a pain, but I'm not going to stop partying or eating when I do, SO here I go again, "Nice to meet you. I'd like to introduce you to my dinner companion, Diverticuli."


H.Peter said...

Dr. Fasano is a good speaker.

we don't socialize that much outside the house, we mostly invite people over. Problem solved.

Expensive it is, so my wife started her own bakery.....

Dia D said...

I socialize and force my ideals on others!! WOOT!
I've never cheated. Ha ha! The key is substitution, substitution, substitution. I'm going to go eat butter with a spoon.


I love this post!! I have been known to avoid things once in awhile when I am not feeling up to it. Sometimes I eat before I go and just move the food around on my plate. Most people in my ward know and look at me like I just sprouted alien tentacles. I have found that everyone seems to know someone who eats gluten free and it is becoming more common. Thanks for your great sense of humor!

Terina said...

Y'all are awesome. D: What a great dinner diversion, slurping the condiments! I'm on it! H.P, I love that you got your wife's back. Karen, you're my favorite alien.