Wednesday, March 11

Carbon Cookies

I have a friend who recently married. Her biggest complain about being a newlywed, married to a 40 year old nbm (never been married) is his tastes in food. He likes his cookies burnt and it's hard for her to do that.

It seems that I too am raising a difficult-to-please man, unless as so many other happy men, he marries someone just like his Mom. Today, I again make burnt cookies to match the entire batch of granola that I burnt yesterday. But, the oldest son likes them. "Dipped in milk, Mom."

My neighbor says carbon is good for you. My mind has wandered back in time and reminds me of this particular son's carbon experiences in the years past as a toddler and the medicinal effects of charcoal and poison control.

Yes, perhaps one can develop a taste for carbon.

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