Tuesday, August 27

Gluten-Free Recipes: Easy, Fast AND Cheap?

Five easy, fast, delicious gluten-free staple meals that you can eat in the next 30 minutes.
That's right, it's a promise: as a working newlywed with a HUNGRY law student husband, I understand the need for easy, cheap, quick (and delicious) gluten free food.

Is it possible?  YES! 

You're going to want to branch out on some rainy Saturdays when you wind up with an hour or two free, but for now we're interested in getting some calories into that wheat-free belly.
*All of these recipes can be made WITHOUT dairy, soy, meat, nuts, and/or eggs. It just takes some ingenuity!*

corn quesadillas (3 ingredients, 10 minutes, contains cheese)
fried rice (4 ingredients, 15 minutes, super cheap, contains egg)
potato bar (3 ingredients, 10 minutes, cheap as dirt)
spaghetti (2 ingredients, 30 minutes, a little more expensive)
simple stone stew (10 canned ingredients, 30 minutes, cheap as ...a rock)

Look for some recipes and pictures next time I make these favorites (aka within two or three days!). They are so simple and consistent I find myself making them over and over.

What are your "go-to" recipes for when you need to eat FAST? 


Anonymous said...

Can you insert links to these recommended recipes?

Dia D said...

Yes, I will!