Sunday, August 4

G-F Frog Eye Waldorf Salad

This is it!  One of the more delicious salads that can now be made gluten-free!

Take the
juice from one can of mandarin oranges
juice from one can of pineapple chunks

Measure it into a two cup measure and add water to make two cups.

Use that liquid to cook two cups of quinoa in your rice cooker.  If you use a conventional cooking method, use two cups of liquid to one cup of quinoa in a saucepan steamed for 25 minutes.

When the quinoa is cooked, add the oranges and pineapple chunks while still warm (to maximize absorption). Cool in refrigerator while you beat

1 cup heavy whipping cream  til fluffy with
1 teaspoon of vanilla and
1/4 cup powdered sugar    (YEAH, I'm a whipping cream purist!)

(or use 2 cups Cool Whip).

Fold into cooled quinoa mixture.  Add flaked coconut or mini marshmellows if you insist.

Delicious and you could just swear it was that poisonous cous cous dessert you have lusted after since becoming diagnosed.

Happy Frog Eye Eating!  

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