Saturday, August 3

Neglect, Acute Neglect and G-F Labeling

Just so you know, and to prove that I am not completely and absolutely neglecting my blogging responsibilities to my public during that summertime vacation.   HERE IT IS!  The link to the announcement by the FDA on gluten free labeling.

I know, you have already heard about it, discussed it in forums g-f worldwide and have formed opinions, so I will let your judgements stand.

Remember, this is only for voluntary food labeling, but it is my personal opinion that like that of actors,  "Any publicity is good publicity for the g-f work to progress!!!


Reality Bite:   Watch for the newest delicious recipes to come.  I can't wait to upload the ANNUAL G-F FAMILY REUNION DELIGHT RECIPES.  I am again stuffed near to bursting.  OH Happy, Happy, JOY.

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