Thursday, August 1


There are a myriad of new gluten-free product labels out there that profess to be a good as "the real thing".  I've found one that lives up to it's reputation for great gf food.

New Grains out of Provo, Utah is my new best favorite.

I first stopped at a grocery store in Utah and grabbed a loaf of multigrain for an impromptu picnic.  I had no expectations and just thought I'd be lucky to gag down another gf loaf.  PLEASANTLY surprised!  I was delighted to be able to luck onto a good loaf.  I passed it to the daughter to do the week-long fridge test.  Would it be as good tomorrow, the next day, the next?  YES!

Totally put it down to an auspicious twinkle in my life force and promptly forgot.    My next encounter with the food  label was back in Oklahoma, when a friend flew cross-country with a delectable cookie she had to bring me.  Yup, New Grains' pink frosted sugar cookie.  HMmmmm two for two.  Rare!

FREEZER TEST?  Back in Utah at the next visit, Mommy brings me a loaf of cinnamon bread she has reserved from her freezer.  And like the Albert Brooks and Debbie Reynolds comedy, I'd assumed it would be the freezer cheese situation.   AH, NOT So!   Again Delicious.    Third time a charm?

Nope, last week spent the week traveling through Southern Utah and it's beautific charms, but was totally charmed by the food efforts of the son-in-law's brothers.  (I know, confusing.)  It was their day to cook lunch and they made up New Grain's Mix for Crepe's and I was blown away!  Crepes, and g-f from a package?  NO WAY.  They were foldable, non-crumble, sturdy yet not gummy.

This is it.  Four for Four!   I'm very impressed by this product and company.  Can't wait to try more.

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