Monday, October 14

Gluten-Free Fried Rice

A quick and simple fried rice that can get as authentic as you dare. Just remember the GF soy sauce!!

TOFU OPTION: Get firm or very firm tofu and drain all the water off. If you're a purist, weight the thing with a plate and a heavy pan on top to squeeze out even more water while you're getting ready to cook. Then chunk it, season with salt and pepper and roll in potato starch. Fry 'em up in a few teaspoons of canola oil.

The Fried Rice:
 Start with plain (cooked) rice,
 slice up and sizzle the Asian trio:

 Then throw in the rice, whatever veggies you please, and an egg.
 Cook it around for a bit, then season with fish sauce and soy sauce, both GLUTEN FREE.

Finish with a handful of peanuts and the already-cooked tofu (or other meat) and serve hot. 

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