Friday, October 11

Gluten-Free FAST AND EASY Potato Smash

Can't mess up this delicious and FAST kid or teenager filler-upper. Cheap, easy and quick meal for on the go.

When Mr.-then-Boyfriend in college found out I was gluten-free, he didn't stop cooking for me (maybe that's why he became Mr. Husband), but he's anything but a gourmet gluten-free chef. He was a college kid!

He made up this Potato Smash to make on the run. It's flexible, easy, and quickly thrown together and microwaved. Plenty of carbs, starches and calories for hungry celiac bellies.

Nuke potatoes,
add any of the following:
chili, cheese, sour cream, salsa, can of beans, can of corn, leftover soup, spinach, tomatoes, whatever!

Warm it all up and you're done.

The only way you can mess it up is to use rotten potatoes. Trust me, we've tried it ALL!

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