Sunday, October 6

GF Black Rice Pudding

Naturally g-f, this  flaky, chewy nutritional powerhouse, black rice pudding is a delicious natural choice.  

I love that Asian experience found in markets like NamHi in Tulsa.  The smells there take me back eight months ago to Hong Kong.  What a delightful experience we enjoyed there.  The son walks through the store with his t-shirt pulled up over his nose, but not Me!  I revel in the sights, the smells and the memories.

Making this dish reminds me again of the beauty and delight found in food from diverse cultures.  This is a warm/cold, sweet/sour, crusty/creamy taste ephiphany.  This naturally dark food will bleed onto your hands, onto whatever food you cook with it, and  it carries all of the potential nutritional power of nature's most brightly colored foods.  

Polished white rice - contains 6.8 protein, 1.2 iron, 0.5 zinc and 0.6 fiber.
Brown rice - contains 7.9 protein, 2.2 iron, 0.5 zinc and 2.8 fiber
Purple rice - 8.3 protein, 3.9 iron, 2.2 zinc and 1.4 fiber.
Red rice - 7.0 protein, 5.5 iron, 3.3 zinc and 2.0 fiber.
Black rice - 8.5 protein, 3.5 iron, zero zinc and 4.9 fiber.

Rinse 1 cup of rice until the water has removed the floaties in the rice. 
For best best results, SOAK THE RICE for at least three hours in cold water. Best is overnight.
 Then cook the rice exactly how you cook other rice.  I use a rice cooker so I add one cup rice to one cup water in a cooker and steam until tender and water has disappeared.  

Serve with heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, rice milk, or as I did, homemade vanilla yogurt.
I accent the sweet rice with a sour, colorfully contrasting fruit like mango, orange, peach, or apricot.

It's one of the best desserts my mom-in-law loved in Hong Kong and it was her diligence in finding this grain, that inspired me to seek it our here too.  Thanks Pat!  

Reality Bite:  Yum

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