Friday, March 11

YIKES St. Patrick's Day Party

2011 SPRING BREAK YAY! You know how I love vacations--those things where all the work stays the same (cooking, cleaning) but it's a whole change of venue.

So, we fly into my home town at 11 p.m. (no GF stores, and the lone grocery closes at 9 p.m.) Go to a Potluck party at noon the next day. Daughter's concert later that evening. Second potluck the next day at 4 p.m.

What to fix, what to take, where to buy it? This gluten-free lifestyle is such a pain and so CRAZY!!! The way I see it I have three options:

A. Do I go to the store early and buy something glu-filled and starve the rest of my family?

B. Fall off the wagon and eat whatever and suffer in bed the rest of the week, thereby getting the needed rest that a real vacation promises.

C. or Once again, fly with packets of mixes in my luggage and suffer through TSA's drug probes and chem. tests.

Unless I exercise the magic of a little leprechan, none of them are going to work.
Shore and begorrah! Wish me luck!


Valen said...

Yeah, I can see how it would be so frustrating, annoying and aggravating trying to find stuff gluten free! Wow you are busy! I don't do anything for the holiday.

Terina said...

I'm a lazy Irish compared to a celiac friend. She was crepe paper tying her children to their beds at night, dying the toilet water green and spray painting the dog.