Monday, March 21

127 Hours in Southern Utah

Okay, I stretched the time about 27 hours, but last week, for Spring Break, we flew to Utah to hike the slot canyons, not more than a few miles from Blue John, the famous slot canyon featured in the film nominated for eight Academy Awards.

The slot canyons we visited were much less notorious, but the Canyonlands desk clerk says they have already had a rescue in Blue John canyon this season, so she expects the canyon to continue to cause excitement throughout the year as the newest breakout star in Hollywood--perhaps featuring in a survival film again next season.

There is no easy segue from dismemberment and onto camping and cooking GF food... so here goes, just a clean cutaway:
GF DUTCH OVEN It was more successful this time. I again tried the easy peach cobbler, using the can of peaches, sprinkled with Betty Crocker's GF white cake mix and topped with a can of Diet Mountain Dew. (Only because that's what the hubby drinks. The brand probably has nothing to do with the success.) Served with Cool Whip, the cobbler was tasty hot, but so much better cold the next morning as a breakfast opener.

For a 12 inch oven, I used the standard charcoal heating ratio, times the size by two, divided by three, one third on top, two thirds on the bottom and it took about an hour. (If this makes absolutely no sense, you can still be a good dutch oven chef, but your learning curve might be steeper.)

And the joy of outdoor cooking--everything always tastes better outside, over the smell of campfire. Starvation improves every gastro experience immeasurably.

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