Wednesday, June 25


Resistant Starches are good for you! Easy and Yummus! Get your kids to gnosh on this for a healthy snack.


Garbanzo beans, one can drained and rinsed
(or from your freezer where you store beans you have cooked in bulk and divided into ziplocks)
Garlic about a tsp.
Olive oil about a tablespoon
1/2 cup warm water or so.
1 TBS. Tahini if you have it
1/4 tsp. red pepper

Blend in your blender until white and fluffy and serve with tortilla chips, or veggies.

HEALTH BENEFITS of Resistant Starches for Gut Health

Tulsa World on Thursday, June 19, 2008

Overview: Resistant starches may burn more calories, but more importantly, studies show resistant starch may help protect against colon cancer, control blood sugars, act as a prebiotic, lower cholesterol and increase the absorption of minerals such as calcium. We celiacs are always looking to boost gut health.

Other good news, these starches aren't easily digested, therefore have fewer net calories than rapidly digested starches. Potatoes, corn and rice all contain resistant starch when cooked and cooled as well as beans and legumes, partly milled grains and seeds and underripe bananas.

Resistant starches make it past the stomach and small intestine before settling in the colon. There, bacteria use it as a fuel source, producing butyrate — a fatty acid desirable for its cancer-preventing qualities.

Because bacteria in the large intestine feed on these resistant starches, their digestion promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your system, similar to live cultures in yogurt and probiotic foods, DeWitt said. Beans and legumes may be the best source of these resistant starches, because they contain the highest amounts of resistant starches, and the least empty calories, with all the protein and fiber they also pack per serving.

Include beans and lentils more often as salad toppings or pasta salad additions. Include a banana daily. Snack on chilled, low-fat bean dip with veggies. Add whole chilled beans to garden salads, or make a cold bean salad. Puree cooked white potatoes to create a chilled potato soup with garlic or leeks. Mix cooked, chilled lentils into tuna or chicken salad. Order your sushi made with brown rice, or try it in a chilled rice salad. Sprinkle cooked and chilled corn into salsa or salads.

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