Friday, November 11

GF Oreo Cookie Balls

This recipe was inspired by my blog stalking of a Kraft recipe .

Instead of just longing for that which we cannot have, be a courageous chef and modify them to your diet restriction.

I started with g-f gobsmacked's recipe for oreos (amazing how many of my recipes start with that oreo recipe.) I baked them up and smashed the whole batch with my Pampered Chef hamburger masher.

3 cups oreo crumbs
1 package instant chocolate fudge pudding
4 ounces cream cheese blended with 1/2 cup milk.

I stirred it all together into a dough and rolled it into 1/2 inch balls. Chilled in the freezer while I melted chocolate chips in the microwave, I rolled them in chocolate and left them to cool, while I melted white chocolate chips in a ziplock. I cut off the corner and drizzled designs over the balls.

I only wish I could describe the chocolate yum in words. Nope. Can't. You'll have to make them yourself.

Hey, maybe this is a keeper for the GF Potluck in December. It's that good!

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Dia D said...

Culinary coveting right now.