Wednesday, May 26

Leaky Gut and Colostrum Test

With this disease, we are the guinea pigs. There are no animals with CD to test on, so we're it.

In my research on gluten sensitivity these key points appear:

Gut permeability (leaky gut) makes our disease worse.
Only 14% of us ever get back our full villi count. (we cheat-or were diagnosed after 40).
Good gut health relies on mega doses of Vit D, omega 3's, and friendly flora.


- research proves colostrum can help us. You may want to ask your health care practitioner about colostrum. It restores leaky gut to normal, it contains growth factors and hormones to repair damage to the intestinal lining and restores gut integrity.

That is my research for this week, thanks to Peptide Immunotherapy: a physicians reference guide for Colostrum by Andrew M. Keech, PhD, my new reference book of the month.

And my tester of the month: Mom. She is going to test out colostrum therapy for all of us. I'll let you know how the tests go. Thanks, Mom for being our human guinea pig. (Mom looks fab in animal print.)


Anonymous said...

I've been taking colostrum for about two months and have noticed an improvement of digestive problems. I found a source of colostrum online that's casein/lactose free, so even those of us with dairy intolerances can benefit.

Terina said...

Dear A,

What made you think to try it? Internet study? Would you tell what product you found without casein/lactose? Thanks for the comment!!!

Anonymous said...

If there is a casein/lactose free colostrum...could you please post the brand and specific name and web. I have several kids that need it desparately.


Anonymous said...

We found this and want to try...have you tried it?

IgG 2000 DF