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GF Devils Food Cake

Bette Hagman's G-F Devils Food Cake taste sensation will Wow Your Palate!  This recipe is a keeper.  There are good devils food cakes, the French cakes that are typically baked without flour (these recipes abound on the internet,) but I also like Betty Crocker's brand of g-f chocolate cake, although King Arthur brand g-f chocolate cake is twice the cake mix with only half the price.

Cranberry Coulis (Sauce) Recipe

But for best ever cake I make Bette Hagman's classic Devils Food.  I wish I could get permission to post that recipe online because it is my absolute go-to-recipe for everything.  It calls for mayo, buttermilk, and dutched cocoa which combine to make a moist delicious cake perfect in texture and taste every time.  I use it for my filled cupcakes, cake balls, everything.

last posted 6-25-08

The best cakes I have found are baked from Bette Hagman's (Praise be her Name) The Gluten Free Gourmet Makes Comfort Food cookbook.

Bette's Devils Food Cake is consumed voraciously at every one of my birthday, social and potluck events.
When the cub scout needs a cake to decorate for the Chinese New Year (the Rat) this is the one we use.
I've disguised it as a ninja, by covering 2 nine-inch rounds with chocolate ganauche frosting and used a buttercream fondant for the eyeslit. (I'll post pictures when I find them.)
It makes a great icecream filled cake. Bake 2 nine inch rounds and sandwich with icecream in a five-gallon icecream bucket. It dumps out and frosts nicely after freezing.
I've also filled it with cranberry orange sauce (blend a package cranberries (frozen or fresh) with a whole orange and 1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar in a food processor til smooth) and frosted it with chocolate frosting for a gourmet food fest.
Bundt pan baked with ganache and peanut butter balls.
These need no intro.  They sell at every bakesale, not to g-f'rs either.
Sent in a mix to the college roomies to bake for the daughter--turned out great.
This cake bakes and freezes nicely and can be grabbed out in a pinch, for a child's birthday party or when your own personal devils food cake attack strikes.

It's a keeper and along with that cake is the banana bread and the Angel Food Cake in the same book.

No one can tell the difference between Bette's Angel Food GF cake and the common other. Her recipes are keepers. Get her books, I'm not kidding.


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