Tuesday, August 19

Devils Food Peanut Butter Delight

But, when it finally all comes together... it's fantastic!

This cake is a ganache covered, peanutbutter cream cheese bundt that is to die for. My friend Pam's friend makes it and it is the most requested cake in their office.

I used Bette Hagman's recipe for devils food cake in her "Baking Comfort Foods" recipe book and baked it in a bundt. Then I kneaded together 3/4 cup peanut butter, with 1 8oz. pkg cream cheese and about a cup of powdered sugar to form into balls.
Chocolate Ganache Frosting: Then I combined 16 oz. melted choc chips with 1 cup of warmed heavy whipping cream, vanilla and almond flavoring and then poured this ganache over the top.

I keep this refrigerated until time for serving and it feeds a lot. It is so rich and delicious!

Most fabulous was the response. My daughter was at a college send off and they brought out this cake. Her countenance fell as she saw it was a cake. Then someone said, "Your Mom made it! Her heart soared. "I CAN EAT IT?!!!!!"

Some rewards are worth two tries, four hours and one really bad bundt.

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