Thursday, November 26

Fresh Cranberry Coulis (Sauce) Paleo! Yippee

This retro recipe is #6 of my top ten for holidays.  
Cranberries are good for me!  I know because Grandma was told by her doctor that she could either take a pill or drink a daily cranberry to improve her thyroid function and prevent UTIs. 

 I don't eat enough because admittedly they are so sour but I always keep bags frozen out of season to pop in my smoothies. 

Cranberry Coulis, A Paleo Sauce/Filling/Topping

One orange whole, peel and all - sliced in fourths
1 apple sliced.  
10 oz. bag cranberries fresh or frozen  (I used two bags) 
1/2  cup sugar (I have used honey and this time agave.)  Add slowly only enough to taste.  

Blend in food processor or blender until smooth.  This stuff is so good that iced a tiny bit in the freezer makes it a delicious addition to any meal.    Lidia made it with me this time and said she could love it atop ice-cream.  
I scoop it and slurp it up by the spoonful--figuring it adds to intestinal health 'cause raw cranberries are good for me!!!  This recipe I could and would eat daily if I keep it made up in the fridge.  One year it was mid January before I ran out of the big batch I blended up.  

     I wish this dish didn't taste quite so delicious because it is gone so quickly.  I use this coulis atop chocolate because it's such a unique taste sensation.    

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