Monday, April 23

GF Ding Dong Cupcake Recipe

This recipe was last posted in April, 2012 and August of 2009 and I know that I have eaten far more than my fair share in the interim, but these are a spectacular g-f treat.  This time I'm baking them for a girl's camp dessert auction.  I know I'd pay the big bucks for them--particularly if I didn't have to bake them!

I used Bette Hagman's recipe for devils food cake (BEST EVER!!! PRAISE BE HER NAME!!!)  and poured it into mini-muffin pans lined with mini cupcake papers.  After they were baked, I shot cranberry delish filling or whip cream filling (see recipe below) into the centers and then  I topped some of them with a ganache topping and others frosted with whip cream frosting.

Can't wait for evening--because I can't possibly stuff more into my poor taste-testing tummy right now.

___________________________last posted 8-9-2009____________________________________

My niece and I baked Betty Crocker's gf cake as directed in an 8" square pan, dumped it out and cooled it. We cut the entire thing in half (dental floss is recommended on the cake site) then frosted it in the center with whip cream frosting. A chocolate ganache frosting graced the top and then we waited (for cooling and to set only) then we ate the thing up!

It tasted just like a really fresh hostess Dong Dong! (I would put a trademark here if I knew how. Instead of figuring that out, I think I'll go bake more.)

Chocolate Ganache Frosting
1/4 cup heavy whip cream (heated to a simmer in the microwave)
2/3 cup chocolate chips
Stir chips into hot cream until smooth, cool a minute then dip cupcakes.

Whip Cream Frosting/Filling

A blob of shortning 1/4 cup maybe (I know it's deadly, but it's less fat than the real deal.)
a splash of vanilla (1/2 tsp?)
powdered sugar (1 or 2 cups)
whipping cream (the liquid--before you whip it)
more powdered sugar if necessary

The secret to this frosting is the whipping. After you add the first three ingredients, slowly incorporate the whip cream until just the right consistency (or if you accidently add too much, add more sugar) then whip, whip, whip, forget that you are whipping and whip it more.

Chemically this causes air molecules to become trapped with the sugar and fat and ... anyway.

It was delicious. I still dream about it in my sleep. I'm making it again on the 25th, and I just can't wait.

Notes: Okay, I made it on the 25th. The cake burnt, the whipcream frosting wouldn't fluff, the ganache coagulated. I finally got the whole thing together and put it in the fridge. Later when I checked, the top layer had slid off and was sitting next to the bottom. Some days you should just drop the mixing spoon and slowly, carefully back out of the kitchen.

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