Tuesday, March 20

Silent Celiac Disease

No symptoms--no celiac disease right? This is as critical information now as when first published two and a half years ago. So here it is again. Thanks my people for reminding me!

How can someone have celiac disease and show no symptoms???? NO WAY!!!

First published 9-25-09

Here is a direct quote from American Physician Magazine:

"Gluten-sensitive enteropathy commonly manifests as "silent" celiac disease (i.e., minimal or no symptoms). Serologic tests for antibodies against endomysium, transglutaminase, and gliadin identify most patients with the disease.
Serologic (blood) testing should be considered in patients who are at increased genetic risk for gluten-sensitive enteropathy (i.e., family history of celiac disease or personal history of type I diabetes) and in patients who have chronic diarrhea, unexplained anemia, chronic fatigue, or unexplained weight loss."

Why do we care to treat celiac disease without symptoms? Why go on this restrictive diet if we are not sick?

Early diagnosis and management are important to forestall serious consequences of malabsorption, such as osteoporosis and pernicious anemia. (Am Fam Physician 2002;66:2259-66,2269-70. Copyright© 2002 American Academy of Family Physicians.

What does it mean when my biopsy is negative but my blood work is positive?

As best I can tell it's called latent celiac disease. Here are some articles to review.


trishtator said...

Interesting. We have a friend with no symptoms, and he chooses not to follow the diet. Thanks for the information, there's so much to learn!

Terina said...

It is tragic to watch friends deny symptoms and become even sicker later. Trish, maybe the consequences I suffer from cheating are a great blessing and motivator after all. HA!

Cindy said...

I know this is an older article, but I have found it very enlightening. I have endured chronic anemia and fatigue all of my life. As a child, I was constantly on iron supplements. I wanted to be in bed by 7, because I was exhausted! As an adult, the chronic anemia and fatigue continued, but yet I am so fluffy! Since trying to go GF, I've lost 24 pounds (without trying) greatly reduced my naps and KNOW when I have inadvertently been "glutened" for days. Thank you for paving the path to better health for me!