Wednesday, March 14

Label Confusion

Just a question: If the food label says "Made in a facility that also processes...wheat..." do you assume that means there is probably gluten in the item?

It doesn't mean it is wheat-filled anymore than a product without that statement means it is gluten-free.

What it really means is that the company is large enough to have a legal department.

And that the legal department wants to avoid losing in litigation.

FYI: Just because a g-f item does not say that, doesn't mean it is gluten-free.

If an item is typically gluten-free, ie., cheese, meat, dairy, vegetables, we do not expect it to state if it is processed in a wheat-free environment.

So why do we balk at eating something that may be processed in a wheat-filled environment--when we are taking equal risk with natural g-f items?

Can you tell we are studying generalities in homeschool today?

Bottom LINE: That little statement at the bottom of the page means NOTHING until the little statement that says gluten-free at the bottom begins to mean SOMETHING!

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