Friday, January 16


Dia (my college freshman, 6 month CD diagnosed ) just had a great birthday at college. I mailed her friends a cake mix (Bette Hagman's Devils Food) (Gluten-Free Gourmet Makes Comfort Food) and they mixed it up and frosted it with gf chocolate-chocolate chip frosting and she is a very happy camper.

Her roomies woke her with a GF breakfast. They said, "Breakfast is the easiest meal to make." They are obviously not from the GF deprived planet who think it's the hardest. But she feasted on homemade hashbrowns, bacon, eggs and juice.

I love you girls for dishing out the love for the Mommy!

Yesterday, she baked her own birthday cake (just in case) -- Namaste's Spice Cake (delicious and is as good as regular nongf) and she was slathering it with cream cheese topping as we spoke.

YUM and Delicious.

The Mommy thought for the day... You are never disappointed when you plan your own party. A second thought... two cakes for one person are plenty. Share.


H.Peter said...

Everyone deserves a good birthday cake. Celiacs are no exception...

Birthday cakes are one of the most requested items in my wife's GF Bakery.

She makes them all from scratch and her clients really appreciate the efforts that go into making them.

Terina Dee said...

Where's your wife's bakery?