Friday, June 14

A GF life is Pretty Great With Oreos

Made oreos again for last night's party and dipped in mint chocolate they are divine.  Here is the repost and link.

I used powdered sugar, coconut oil, vanilla and cream to make the frosting yesterday.  Remember, with frosting,  you cannot whip it enough.  Frosting loves fluffing.

Here is the recipe for the cookie mix for a friend in ziplock:

First posted 4-11

As art lovers will attest, some pretty awe-inspiring creations occur when you are dragged out of your comfort zone and dropped into something new. Celiac disease did that for me by opening up the whole new world of alternative foods.       This photo is a rather bad one?

If baking is an art form then I've been suffering through my "blue" period. I was, just this week, without my favorite medium to create--"tapioca starch."

I began baking out of my zone, and I can attest that desperation does indeed make strange bedfellows.

And being desperate for Oreos encouraged me to improvise by substituting the tapioca starch for potato starch in my favorite Oreo recipe by Gobsmacked and I discovered no difference. Knowing that tapioca is a more gelatinous starch, I increased the guar/xanthan gum from 1/2 tsp to 2 tsp. Again, I used two teaspoons with the potato starch substitution and the cookies turned out just like the original batch.

So, my final conclusion, "If you are missing one ingredient, Don't go without! Instead, be courageous and improvise!"

Then you too will never be without Oreos and a g-f life is pretty great with g-f oreos.

A sidenote from yesterday, oreos baked for 6 minutes (resulting in a softer cookie) with icecream filling is pretty darn marvelous.

As are the recipes for OREO PIE     and Oreo Cookie Balls

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