Friday, February 11

GF Oreo Mix

I have found a way to make homemade GF Oreo's even better and that's share them with a friend. Take that wonderful recipe from Gobsmacked and put all the dry ingredients into a ziplock, label it with simple directions and take it to your new G-F friend. That person will love and adore you and you will feel so successful!

Here is a copy of the simplified directions for the bag label:

Take one egg and a stick of butter and this packet and blend until the dough combines into a ball and pulls away from the mixing bowl. This takes a few minutes and looks pretty crummy until you work it long enough. Just keep mixing.

Separate into 50 small balls and place on cookie sheet. Press flat with the bottom of a drinking glass atop plastic wrap.

Peel plastic wrap away and bake at 350 for 10 minutes.
Remove from the oven and press even flatter with the flat of a hotcake turner, cool and frost. Delicious as usual.


Mindeena said...

Made these…so yummy. I like them soft and goooooey.

Dia Darcey said...

I should never make these alone. 20 cookies downed before they're even cool. Yikes.