Saturday, February 5

Homemade GF Breakfast Flake Cereal

AAAAAgggghhhhhh! Twelve days stuck inside with no school respite!

Wilderness Snow Shelters is the topic of internet interest today. I've used up every other search topic and I'm reaching the desperate point. I swear it's been weeks since I've seen the world and had a normal schedule, and here we go, snow shelters. Did you know adventurers have managed to live 13 days stuck in a show shelter?

TOMORROW MAKES THIRTEEN!! GETME A SHOW SHELTER! Thirteen days inside is enough!!!!

I'm out of cereal and craving a bowl to eat with frozen blueberries. My favorite is Mesa Sunrise by Nature Path, but I'll give in and eat a bowl of Chex if that's all I have home. Yup, you guess it, I'm out of Chex too. I guess I'll make my delicious homemade cereal again. It's not like I don't have the time.

Maybe I'll make gluten-free potato skins tomorrow. Give me something to look forward to...

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