Tuesday, March 3

GF Cereal Homemade Recipe

Name one food more prized by the college guy than cereal? Okay,  GF Ramen, but as we've already tackled and conquered the ramen problem we're moving on the cereal issue. And with the adrenaline from that victory still coursing through the veins, I'm up to solving the breakfast cereal issue.

reposted from 2010

At today's GF prices, college guy will spend all his weekly food allowance on six (small) boxes of cereal and still be forced to starve one day, so today, we did it!

He and I attempted to make cereal and By jove, we've done it!!!

Step One: Read the ingredients on the Mesa Sunrise Cereal by Nature's Path
Step Two: Found that they are like my GF 8 flour mix. (minus the bean flour.)
Step Three: Went online and found a wheat cereal recipe and substituted!

Success in three easy steps.

2 cups gf flour (the more diversified in whole grains the better.) (Do not use a GF mix--no leavenings are necessary.)
2 cups water
1/3 cup sugar or sugar substitute
1/2 tsp salt

I mixed this up in my blender on low, but it could be whisked together.

I poured 2/3 cup at a time onto greased (!!!!) don't forget to grease--I "Pammed,")
the jelly roll pan first. Tilted the pan to swirl it to the edges and baked at 350 for about 10-15 minutes, until browned. Break apart after cooling and store in airtight container--for however long college guy lets it last.

It is delicious!

I baked it in a hurry, two pans deep in my oven, shoulda done one at a time. The centers were put back in to brown more--which then, of course, burned. Ah, but the unburned portions were delicious!

This is time intensive for one box, so I'll be making it and sending it in care packages. "Your mom sends cereal?" I guess it's a labor of love. Another plus? It will add to the long list of reasons to go out to visit.

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Dia D said...

WOW! Did YOU really take that top picture; it's GORGEOUS?!?! This is so cool! You guys are so creative!!