Tuesday, March 10

G-F THERAPIES - Promises, Promises

I have wondered often about whether or not I would go back if there was a pill to fix my problem.  
Sometimes the true beauty of the world is revealed through the eyes of the blind.   


If I didn't have a "gluten problem" I would have missed so much.  I may never have become a food adventurer and definitely not spent the time and anguish to become a baker extraordinaire.  I would have missed out on chia, quinoa, sorghum, millet, indian food and mint chutney. I may have never become so involved in the challenge of practicing general FOOD HEALTH.

I wouldn't give that up for every pill on the planet.  But, that's due, IN Part, to G-F Girl Scout Cookie Recipes.  

So here is the link to the annual Girl Scout Cookie Recipes.  Eat and Enjoy!

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