Saturday, February 7

G-F Girl Scout Cookies -- Tagalongs

FINALLY Gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies for sale - YAY, BUT Not Tag-a-Longs!  When we want more selections, we still must make our own.  Here is the repost of a batch of YUM!  
First posted 2-4-11
We're still socked in and haven't much else to do but bake, so today's endeavor is finishing the Girl Scout Tag-a-Longs. The guys ate the last batch half finished and frozen solid,

That's called Do-Si-Do's.  

So I baked more and snuck another plate into the freezer and hid it behind a fresh batch of snow ice cream. 

We've never had enough snow in Oklahoma to ever make ice cream, but we're rapidly becoming connoisseurs. 
This week we've sampled ice-cream in varied flavors, vanilla, chocolate and every jello flavor. 

The cookies are better than the ice cream.

Start by baking a batch of shortbread cookies recipefrom Living Without, then slather the tops with peanut butter.  I put them in the freezer for a moment to solidify the pb and then dip in melted chocolate.

If you need GF Thin Mints as desperately as I do, check out this recipe.

How about Girl Scout G-F Samoas?  Yup, YUM! 

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