Monday, January 24

GF Girl Scout Samoa Cookie Recipe

I'm eating Girl Scout Cookies this year! I'm baking them now and getting started on the eating gorge long before everyone else's cookie order is delivered.

The thin mints are perfected, (thanks to the college guy) and I've been making them nonstop. Now, Samoas.

The easy recipe is to purchase a box of g-f shortbreads, (Pamela's would work) then mix up Grandma's easy coconut macaroon mixture, top the cookie with a blob of mixture, press it down to the edge then bake 15 minutes until brown and toasty.

I didn't have any shortbread, so I used the almond cookie recipe, and Grandma's macaroons recipe, baked them simultaneously about ten-twelve minutes and then while still hot, layered them and pressed the whole thing together. When cooled, I garnished with melted chocolate chips.

This wasn't as easy to make as it sounds, I baked and tasted, tested and rebaked and now I'm stuffed! STUFFED! I hope you appreciate my sacrifice.

Next Do Si Do's. I'm going to be pounds heavier!

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