Monday, January 31

Pills, pills, pills, and More PILLS!

I'm imagining the skittles commercial where the cute, sexy, ad girl is buried in a streaming avalanche of skittles, but it's vitamin/mineral pills and it's no cute, sexy ad girl, IT'S ME!

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At one point, I was having trouble fitting all of my supplements into my pill pack and that's when it dawned. Maybe it's too many? There was the B complex, the Omega, the multi, the iron, the calcium, the zinc, magnesium, Vit D3, the glucosamine/chondroitin, the l-lysine for mucus membranes, the magnesium, the lutein for the eyes, cranberry, cloves, the cinnamon, and when I combine that with the glass of colostrum (gut health) and the turmuric (anti-inflamatory) draughts, I feel chock-full before I ever ate breakfast!

I realize that each of these offer essential nutrients and that persons with compromised immune systems need boosts, but for me it might be far too many, far too often! I'm healthier now! My gut is functioning and my bones are strong! I'm eating great food, and with my green smoothie, I'm getting what feels like 150 veggies/fruit daily! The rest of the food going in my body is balanced (although sometimes the balance is fat and sugar.)

So my new daily vitamins are: Omega 3, and Vitamin D. I'm spacing out all the rest throughout the week and there are days when I only take four!

Hey, I can't stop cold turkey! When I can trust my body again, I might actually be like my husband's 93 year old grandmother who takes only three pills daily, Omega3, cranberry, and glucosamine. She amazes me and she's still a pretty cute ad girl--for great health!

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