Monday, January 24

GF Baking--Start Young

Our unexpected four-day weekend (due to ice days) was 48 hours of action packed excitement! (Not!)

I take a book from the husband's philosophy on vacations, "If time off is enjoyable, who would want to go back?" So, I filled the days home from school with busi-ness. Extra combat piano, math skills, we attack the unfinishable (the laundry, the dishes,) and when all else is exhausted, we invite the friends over to work on boy scout merit badges.
Today the boys baked GF college guy PB Cookies (3 ingredient) and chocolate covered nuts. They are particularly good at covering nuts... a life metaphor, I think. The cartesian diver was a success, (ketsup packet inside a water bottle) but other chemistry experimentation was even better. Boys love mixing corn starch and water.
Another two hours filled and gone! YAY. School's Back In!

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