Wednesday, January 19

Banana Bread - Best Bar None

I've blogged before about this bread and every time I make it, it is with the expectation of enjoying a gastronomic epiphany. This bread is so delicious--even to my critical non-gf friends-- that it has become my only recipe for banana bread.

It's difficult to be a four year blogger and not repeat some of the recipes--okay, nearly impossible--particularly when you've tried other variations and found them lacking. The USA today says people regularly only eat a variation of about ten standard recipes, at ten standard restaurants and wear 10% of their wardrobe. That's me.

But, every time I blog this one, I am inundated with requests for the recipe. It's copyrighted. I love Bette Hagman's contributions to the celiac community, nay, I revere her ability to feed me in my gluten-free beginnings, middle and even now, I rely on her tried and true recipes.

So, considering she has passed and that this is only one of a plethora of delicious recipes in her book, Gluten Free Gourmet Cooks Comfort Foods, I'm posting it.

That and the fact that Google Books has also posted the recipe online.

My Modifications:

I have used all kinds of flour in place of teff, the latest was buckwheat and it too was delicious. I use my modified featherlight also, one with more substantial grains, not just starches.

I've zested orange and added chocolate chips for the winning entry at a church party, but any way it's done, it's been delicious.

It made three small loaves 3x5 and one 4x8 loaf, baked at 350 for 25 and 55 minutes respectively. I use the standard banana bread tester: To be sure it's done, it's the slick butter knife slid in the center that comes out clean.

I think that you might add it to your top ten--try it at least once.

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