Monday, July 20

Bette's Deluxe Banana Bread

Gluten free banana bread? I've written before about Bette Hagman's deluxe banana bread and it seems I must again. This is really one of the best gourmet banana breads I've ever made. I love it and so does each and every person who tastes it.

It made two loaves and one loaf was devoured by the four (age 16, 18, 18 and 19) girls from the sleepover. I don't know how they gobbled bread as they were simultaneously straightening each other's hair--and that alone seemed to be a two-handed project.

It is from Bette's book Comfort Foods, and it's so worth purchasing on Amazon just for this recipe. It calls for teff (a fabulous, healthy flour) and I substituted garfava for the featherlight mix to increase the nutrition.

How can you go wrong with cream cheese and buttermilk and pecans? Well, at the family dinner, the only debate about the deliciousness was if it could be improved with chocolate chips and orange zest.

Delicious, really.

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