Monday, July 20


Betty Crocker GF Cake Mix is astonishing, bodaciously moist, yummy, and decidedly as-good-as-gluten cake!

These are the adjectives foldly expressed by the twenty-and-under focus/study group gathered in my dining room to sample this cake. Of the six of us, four were non-gf eaters and agreed unilaterally and unequivocally that it was delicious.

As they reveled in the delicious joy of warm cake, the discussion went on about how this would revolutionize and change their lives.

"My cousin can eat this at our family parties. I can fix this for her!"

"Imagine how easy it will be for my roommates to fix me a birthday cake at college."

"It's at the regular grocery store--that means anyone can get it.

"It will be simple to hand this mix to my church group and they can make it to serve anytime."

It tastes normal. Everybody can eat it not know that it's GF and that means I'm normal! HA!"

"It tastes the same and it's so easy." NOTE: IT TASTES THE SAME TO NON-GF'rs.

Now for the caveats? It does only make half the size of a regular cake mix, and it does cost four times the price, but in the GF world, that makes it outstanding-at least it's not the standard for other GF foods, 80% more expensive! It is primarily rice flour (as nutritious as other standard GF processed foods) but no worries about gritty or dry even when the daughter set the timer accidently to "ignore," it still was not dry or crumbly!

And the teen daughter said "best of all, it took six minutes, from store to oven--with no funky baking tricks or ingredients."

YES! It was available at my hometown, country grocery store!!!!

I can't tell you how it holds up the second day, or how it sustains the freezer, or if it works well with pineapple as upside down cake...

because it's gone.

But, someday soon... very soon.

Thank You Betty Crocker from the GF community for helping my children once again feel normal.

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Anonymous said...

I made the pineapple upside down cake with the BC/GF yellow cake mix. It was wonderful. The only adjustment I made to the recipe was substituted 20 oz can of crushed pineapple instead of sliced pineapple. My husband threatened to hide it from me because I couldn't stop eating it. It was such a delight after not having pastries for a while. Thanks Betty Crocker.....Mary