Tuesday, July 21

Scones, Scones, Scones

Gluten-free scones from a mix? How good could they be? We'll see.

Last month, my youngest son (the one who has been GF for four years) saw a photograph of my oldest eating what appeared to be a plate-sized slab of fry bread.

"What is that?" he wondered, "and why do you look so happy eating it? he asked the older one.

"That my boy," the eldest as he draped his arm around him fondly, "is the happiest I have ever been, or ever will be again." He went on to expound on the merits of scones dripping with honey and butter or covered with refried beans, cheese and salsa. "Pre-CD, of course," he stated at the end of his enraptured description.

Effectively crushed by another food a CD life is bereft of, I answered the challenge and swore that we would somehow find a way to makes scones.

All the recipes I investigated were baked. English scones perhaps, but from my neck of the country, they must be fried, deep in fat and slathered with butter and honey. I found a scone mix by Blue Chip Foods, (again my favorite GF outlet in Utah) and bought it.

I woke this morning to the energetic daughter who has been home from the frenzy of college too long and is seeking a renewed sense of purpose. She had mixed up the batter and set it to rise. It had to rise for an hour????

I heated the oil and flattened the blobs between layers of greased wax paper. They were just as sinfully high in calories and empty of nutrition as I remember--and delicious.

I baked some in the oven. These on the left haven't yet been baked, the ones on the right are baked and don't look much different. These weren't as flavorful baked.

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