Thursday, July 23

Betty Crocker GF Cookies YUM!

Okay, Betty Crocker's GF cookies were as quick and simple as the cake -- and as delicious. These also called for a stick of butter, vanilla and an egg. The instructions say to drop by teaspoonsful onto a cookie sheet. It's more like roll them into balls and place on cookie sheet. JUST LIKE NORMAL COOKIES!

I tried to think of negatives... um, the cookie dough wasn't yummy--IT WAS! It didn't make very many--It does really make 24 large cookies. Or 48 normal sized. The ingredients are still rice flour--I guess more nutritious sorghum flour still isn't a viable choice. It did still cost $4.50, but for us in the celiac world, ease and a quality proven name make it all worth it.

Once more, I'm going to freeze some of them for later--when I have any leftover.

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