Saturday, July 25

Gluten Makes Me Nuts!

Gluten makes me nuts... and it seems that I'm not the only one. This article explains the problems related to gluten and memory. Bread can destroy your brain. This next article discusses the link between gluten and schizophrenia.

I remember the memory problems, anger, frustration, and constant unease that I felt before I was diagnosed. I couldn't explain it, but I couldn't control it either. None of these issues exist now... except the memory. It's still gone, but I think that's attributed to a flaky personality.


Kid Update

My youngest is still struggling through the summer gluten challenge and while he says his stomach and bowels (why is it that boys are willing to talk about poop with everyone but their mother?) are fine, his moods, and general demeanor is deteriorating.

My daughter asks him why walks around in a constant defensive position--with his hands clenched up by his chin and his elbows tight to his body (the boxer stance, we call it). He looks tough, but with the mildest reprimand, he tears up and seems to have no emotional control--anger and frustration are waiting just below the surface.

These are all new changes he has displayed since the GF challenge. Imagine facing fifth grade like that? HELP!

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