Thursday, March 12

St Patty's Day and GF Sweet Mung Bean Soup

GF Chinese Sweet Mung Bean Dessert Soup
reposted from 3-29-11
Our St. Patty's party in 2011 was wonderful. It's an annual event and this year the food-belle-of-the-Irish-ball was my brother-in-law's cabbage and corn beef. The man is an O'Driscoll and he concocts the authentic Irish dish.
Although I'm paternally Irish through the Campbell's and Prescott's, I have become asian minded (due to the daughter visiting there) and so I found the food spotlight was equally shared by the green dessert from China.

The potential son-in-law came to the party, braving the outlaw in-laws and bringing a pot of mung bean soup. Chinese mung bean soup--Yes, it's a dessert there, sweetened with sugar and served cold.

In China, mung beans are considered to be Yin and purported to remove heat from the body in the summer, and when it is 101 degrees and 90% humidity here, I will eat anything that removes heat from the body!

The family was divided, those for and those against, but I ate it as leftovers the rest of the week, and even found myself making it twice since. I added grated fresh ginger and a hint of lemon and it is a good connection for a Mom who is missing her China girl.

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