Monday, October 5

GF Oreos & A Shimmy Easy Fix

GF Gobsmacked recipe for oreo cookies is delicious! I can attest! And Kitchen Aid's customer service isn't so bad either.

Hey FYI, if your KitchenAid has taken to wobbling for the last couple of months and you have to mix everything with the motor tucked under your arm in a death grip while it shimmies and jiggles under your armpit... if you have tussled with it like that, trying to hold it still while it beats up both the dough and you... if you have to continually shove the pin back in place, and you forget to do that just one time...

then you can call Kitchen Aid, who will tell you to turn the whole thing upside down and tighten one itty bitty screw that holds the pin in.

thereby alleviating the problem before it jiggles the pin loose and bounces the machine right off your cupboard, onto the tile floor, chipping it and spewing oreo cookie dough throughout the kitchen.

Just FYI.



trishtator said...

Hmmm. I'm glad I'm not the only who fights with my KitchenAid! Mine recently got too much flour stuck in the hinge, and I had to throw all my weight behind getting the beater up out of the bowl.

Apparently, that can be fixed by cleaning it out :).

I'm so glad yours is fixed!

Terina said...

Is that what's wrong? I'm having that problem too. Ah cleanliness... another easy fix that will probably never happen for me either :).