Thursday, October 8

Daily Episode of Fear Factor

Gotta have special stuff for a green smoothie? Nah, today I scrounged the fridge and mixed a carrot, granny smith apple, lemon, zuccini, spinach, honey, and beet melange. It was curiously delicious--smoothies have flavors unlike anything I've tasted heretofore. Clean, fresh, healthy, it's hard to explain.

The college daughter called yesterday after her first smoothie and said that she was surprised at the taste of what she mixed up. "Mom, it wasn't anything like I expected."

Today's mixture was surprisingly good considering the vitamin and health value. And once again there was the added benefit. I threw the stone to kill two birds, ie., emptying the fridge and tweeking the children.

"Just try it, take one swallow and get all your vitamins in one gulp," I say. Then the teenager responds, "Every day at our house is an episode of Fear Factor."



Love that comment, my kids feel the same way!

Terina said...

Kids, kids, kids. They'll thank us later right??? Sometime???