Friday, October 2

Green Smoothie Momma

Testing. Testing. Okay, a friend is trying to get me to try the smoothie version of vegetables. My adventuresome personality is willing to try anything. Here is the link to the professional (ms green smoothie girl) who really knows what she's doing, but I figure, how can I mess this up? It requires no baking!

Just stick leftover stuff in the blender, (must be of the plant derivation) and blend it and drink it.

I don't know what it is about these concoctions, but they make me immediately satiated and full and like I ate a fifteen course meal. Of course that could be because I'm adding this to my daily intake, instead of replacing my meals with it.

Gotta work on that.

Meanwhile, here are photos of the beet, spinach, red pepper, agave, banana smoothie, and the spinach, apple, peach, sweet red pepper, lemon smoothie.

One thing that I can't recommend. When the husband brings home mustard greens instead of spinach, DON'T MAKE A SMOOTHIE WITH IT. Burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire on your tongue.

It appears that this too can be Messed Up!

Other than that one, they have all been tasty and even the boys will act as taste testers.


trishtator said...


What kind of blender do you have? Your smoothies look so smooth!

Terina said...

Trish, My blender is one of those seen on youtube blending the whole chicken and the can of coke. Blendtec.

I forget how good it is 'cause my brother got it for me. I saw it being demo'd at Sams Club last time I was in Utah.

Good luck, I'm off to slurp some veggies this morning.