Friday, October 2

Ah HA! Perfect GF Pizza

I've struggled and fought to achieve a perfect GF pizza crust and this time Hazel, I think I've finally done it! (Or come as close as I remember it to be.)

I have wanted to bake the crusts on a pizza stone, but our GF dough is too thin to transfer crusts to the stone, so now I've hit on something so simple that I musta been an idiot to have missed it.

When the crust is half done, slide it off onto the stone! It was delicious, delightful, crusty on the bottom, crusty on the top. Perfect!!!

Remember to bake the crust before adding the toppings and heat up the oven to 500.

The boys sleep-over party couldn't leave it alone! It was fabulous and NOBODY KNEW IT WAS GF!

Here is the original recipe: PIZZA

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Switch2GlutenFree said...

Hungry boys will eat anything late at night.... just joking! Great job! I love the idea of baking the crust first then broiling the toppings!